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Create Go project using modules

Sunday Nov 08, 2020
Here I’ll tell You how to create in a very simple way a new Go project using Go modules. It’s the actual recommended way to create new projects in Go language. Please change the directory to the location, where the app will be developed. cd {your-project-dir} Now let’s create a...

Using ghstat for open source projects statistics collection and further rating

Monday Apr 02, 2018
As a CTO, I must choose the best strategy for my company. So when dealing with open source projects, I should be careful, to choose the right one, otherwise, my company will take some risks. But also as an open source developer, I’m interested in investing of my time in...

Social network as I would like

Wednesday Jan 31, 2018
The ideal social network for a free mind should not contain any comments, any statistics about visits, it should not allow any comments. We should not have any feedback. Any noise from all that crowd. On the Internet, it’s rather shadows, ghosts, which whispers in the darkness of underground cables,...

Starting Go on OSx (macOS)

Sunday Jan 28, 2018
Simple and fast start to install and configure Golang on OSx (macOS)

Installing wkhtmltopdf on Debian 7.8

Tuesday Sep 01, 2015
Installing wkhtmltopdf on Debian 7.8 to make PDF documents from HTML.

Deploying OpenLayers

Tuesday Oct 14, 2014
OpenLayers should be minified and compressed before to be deployed to production. Building python build.py light-custom webmap-light-custom.js Example of light profile Depends, which elements You are using in Your app [first] [last] [include] OpenLayers/Map.js OpenLayers/Icon.js OpenLayers/Marker.js OpenLayers/Kinetic.js OpenLayers/Projection.js OpenLayers/Layer/Vector.js OpenLayers/Layer/OSM.js OpenLayers/Layer/Bing.js OpenLayers/Layer/WMS.js OpenLayers/Layer/Google/v3.js OpenLayers/Layer/Markers.js OpenLayers/Popup/FramedCloud.js OpenLayers/Control/Navigation.js OpenLayers/Control/Zoom.js OpenLayers/Control/Attribution.js OpenLayers/Control/SelectFeature.js OpenLayers/Control/Panel.js...

Install mousewheelzoom from sources on Linux Mint (Ubuntu based)

Thursday Oct 09, 2014
Nice tool on LInux to zoom whole the screen with Alt+Mousewheel. Quite useful for accessibility, small screens with HI-resolution and podcasts recording. Installation script git clone https://github.com/tobiasquinn/gnome-shell-mousewheel-zoom.git cd gnome-shell-mousewheel-zoom sudo apt-get install python-xlib python-dbus git-core valac make sudo cp com.tobiasquinn.mousewheelzoom.gschema.xml /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ sudo mv gnome-shell-mousewheel-zoom/mousewheelzoom.py /usr/bin/ ./mousewheelzoom Ressources...

(free) AngularJS books|ressources

Wednesday Aug 27, 2014
AngularJS [[Angular JS logo]] AngularJS is an open-source web application framework, that assists with creating single-page applications, one-page web applications that only require HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the client side. Its goal is to augment web applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability, in an effort to make both development and...

Writing ReST documentation

Monday Aug 25, 2014
About ReST - is quite powerfull markup system to generate techical documentation. It’s a little bit more difficult to start to use the techology, so there are several tips to help You. Tips Use Your favorite editor : vim, gedit, eclipse, PhpStorm. There are plugins/modules, which will add You ReST...

WhatWeb site analyzer

Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
What it does Helps to detect the technology behind the site. Gives an amazing amount of information Installation sudo apt-get install whatweb sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install whatweb Usage example whatweb spip.fr Results in : http://www.spip.net [200] Apache[2.2.22], Country[FRANCE][FR], HTTPServer[Debian Linux][Apache/2.2.22 (Debian)], IP[],...

Haskell ressources

Monday Jun 16, 2014
Ressources around Haskell to start efficiently. Discovering Haskell Basics https://www.fpcomplete.com/school/starting-with-haskell/introduction-to-haskell/1-haskell-basics Web Programming http://pragprog.com/magazines/2012-12/web-programming-in-haskell Including Haskell in traditional projects Haskell to JS compiler https://github.com/faylang/fay/wiki Programming Service with an online IDE and runtime https://www.fpcomplete.com

Cordova and Sencha Touch 2 installation for mobile development

Monday Jun 16, 2014
How to install Cordova and Sencha Touch 2 for multiplatform development. Quick notes for myself, but could be useful for somebody, who needs help. Installation Install NodeJS http://nodejs.org/ Install Cordova npm install -g cordova Create Your project cordova create Demo io.github.fedir Demo Pour faire la compilation il faut installer les...

Inspiring Conference 2014

Tuesday May 20, 2014
Really inspiring conference Futuristic Inspiring conference around TYPO3 Flow and TYPO3 Neos. Slides of presentations Neos 101 – Christian Müller A head start into TypoScript 2.0 – Sebastian Kurfürst Bringing the Elephant up to speed – Running TYPO3 Flow on HipHop VM – Martin Helmich How Flow helps us save...


Monday May 19, 2014
RUP is a software development process, which divides the development process into four distinct phases that each involve business modeling, analysis and design, implementation, testing, and deployment. Four phases of RUP Inception - The idea for the project is stated. Checking, if the project worth it, which ressources we need....

Running TYPO3 on HHVM

Thursday Apr 17, 2014
About New version of TYPO3 6.2 LTS is now available. It brings new level of the quality and functionality. Probably on some old hardware which hosts big sites You will have some difference in the performance of the system. In this case I could try HHVM, HipHop Virtual Engine, which...

Switchable controller actions in TYPO3 Extbase

Wednesday Jan 22, 2014
When You devloping TYPO3 modules with Extbase, You could have a situation, when You have multiple variations of the same plugin, in this example, I will show how to Code First, You need to register the flexform to configure the plugin in back end. Second, You should add actions, which...

What is PHP about ?

Monday Jan 13, 2014
Intro Recently I’ve found the list of Rasmus Lerdorf’s quotes, which is absolutely confirmed my feeling about PHP. Rasmus Lerdorf It’s a guy, who made PHP. We could say, the initial idea of PHP comes from him. And even, if PHP seriously evolved over last years, we still could say,...

Gitlab projects management from shell

Monday Jan 06, 2014
If You would like to script Gitlab group and projects creation, users management, You could manage Gitlab and its projects from shell. For actual version of Gitab, I could recommend python-gitlab, which works flawessly with Gitlab API V3. Installation Clone the project from https://github.com/gpocentek/python-gitlab : git clone https://github.com/gpocentek/python-gitlab.git cd python-gitlab...

Interactive HTML5 presentations

Monday Nov 18, 2013
Intro Interactive presentations are quite spectacular, they are adding dynamic motion to Your talk. List of engines There are several HTML5 presentations engines with short descriptions to help You to implement Your presentation. impress.js The most impressive HTML5 engine at the momement, with pssibilities to make 3D, zoom / unzoom....

TYPO3 Neos

Wednesday Nov 13, 2013
TYPO3 Neos is a futuristic CMS oriented on Users and Developers. It’s extermly usable, thanks to great UX team. And it’s extremly clean on the level of code, as it based on TYPO3 Flow, last generation PHP framework. References http://neos.typo3.org/download.html http://fr.slideshare.net/dfeyer/typo3-user-group-lausanne-12-novembre-2013 https://github.com/TYPO3-Neos https://github.com/lelesys git://git.typo3.org/Neos/Distributions/Base.git https://packagist.org/packages/typo3/neos-base-distribution https://github.com/tlayh/vagrant-typo3neos http://www.matthias-witte.net/tutorial-overview/

Things Management Systems

Wednesday Nov 13, 2013
Internet as it is Internet is a system of interconnected objects. Objects exchanges any kind information. Information could be interesting or not, nicely decorde or trashy, quite abstract or very precise, human-readable or system. There are lots of people, who works in this domain. Sometimes, Information contains Things Data. Things...

git basics

Tuesday Nov 12, 2013
why we control the source code So, version control system, when we need it ? To help to remember, when and why You made some important modifications To find files, which were modified on the server To explain to other people the structure and function of Your code Different version...

Fastest PHP framework

Friday Oct 18, 2013
The fastest PHP framework is Phalcon. It’s a PHP framework, which is written in C for maximal performance. Benchmark You could check comparision of Phalcon with other frameworks. http://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/ Video tutorial To start write applications, check this video tutorial. http://vimeo.com/63022489 Devtools This tools will help to develop stuff faster. https://github.com/phalcon/phalcon-devtools...

Command-line tools for data science

Friday Oct 18, 2013
What is it Functional examples from the tutorial of data processing by Jeroen Janssens, dutch data scientist. Get test JSON curl -s 'http://headers.jsontest.com/' > http.json Using command-line JSON processor < http.json jq '.' Convert JSON to CSV < data.json json2csv -k name, value Using csvkit < million-header.csv csvsort -rc cash...

Installing TYPO3 Neos

Thursday Oct 17, 2013
Requirements Use some recent OS to avoid incompatibilities problems Example : Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Debian 7 Instructions http://neos.typo3.org/download.html http://docs.typo3.org/neos/TYPO3NeosDocumentation/GettingStarted/Installation.html http://www.matthias-witte.net/installation-typo3-neos-1-0/2012/10/ You could install TYPO3 Neos or through Your browser, or through CLI interface.

TYPO3 Fedext contribution cheat sheet

Monday Oct 07, 2013
Quick notes how to participate to TYPO3 Fedext development. How to participate to TYPO3 Fedext project Find a ticket, related to the work of make one Fork the project on the github Clone it locally Make branch with ID related to the feature You are doing Work locally One change...

Configuring mnoGoSearch for Your language

Friday Oct 04, 2013
Finding synonyms Add synonym support, the file must be situated in /mngInstallPath/etc/synonym/ folder. All the configuratioin is made relatively to etc /mngInstallPath/etc/ folder or You could use absolute path. Synonym <filename> Ispell / Aspell mnoGoSearch uses ispell or aspell dictionaries and affix files where to get ispell / aspell files...

Making Fedext's flexforms aka fluidcontent with TYPO3 4.5 LTS

Thursday Oct 03, 2013
Install the latest TYPO3 4.5. LTS Install extensions : flux vhs fluidcontent fluidcontent_bootstrap Better to install from the github, rather TER. Flux must have this patch to work with TYPO3 4.5 LTS : https://github.com/FluidTYPO3/flux/commit/c3d3d6f4f3cad07cc47efa9599fd28a6fa022614 At the moment, it’s still not merged. Clear the cache. Include static TypoScript of “fluidcontent_bootstrap” into...

Extbase development with TYPO3 4.5 LTS / 6.x

Tuesday Oct 01, 2013
Stuff I recommend for those, who begins to devlop extensions for TYPO3 in right way

Installing wkhtmltopdf on Ubuntu Server 12.04

Wednesday Sep 25, 2013
Installing wkhtmltopdf on Ubuntu Server 12.04 to make PDF documents from HTML.

JavaScript Cheat Sheet resources

Tuesday Jul 16, 2013
Several useful JavaScript Cheat Sheets.

Using Vagrant for repeatable local web development

Sunday Jul 14, 2013
Some notes during Vagrant-based infrastructure implementation for LAMP development.

Boost Vagrant

Sunday Jul 14, 2013
Several tips how to make Your Vagrant to turn faster.

TDDD rules

Wednesday Jul 03, 2013
How todo lists must be managed

The harmony of Twitter stream

Monday Jul 01, 2013
notes for myself how to pusblish on Twitter

TYPO3 CMS migration from 4.5 LTS to 6.2 LTS

Tuesday Jun 18, 2013
Notes about TYPO3 CMS LTS to LTS migration

OSM importing into Tilemill for personalization and further export

Tuesday Jun 18, 2013
Tutorial how to import OpenStreetMap data into Tilemill for further charting and exporting

Begining Python if You are coming from PH

Tuesday Jun 18, 2013
Beginning with Python when You are coming from PHP world

JS Validation with regular expressions

Monday Jun 17, 2013
Some main JS regexp patterns for practival use

Creative writing tools

Friday Jun 14, 2013
Stuff I recommend for creative writing

Aggregate RSS feeds

Thursday Jun 13, 2013
How to aggregate multiple RSS feeds to one


Thursday Jun 13, 2013
Introduction to Tilemill, beautiful map software

Openlayers Shortest Path

Thursday Jun 13, 2013
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Openlayers Local Install

Thursday Jun 13, 2013
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Avoiding Spam Problems

Tuesday Jun 11, 2013
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Svn Snippets

Friday May 17, 2013
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Openlayers Api Hints

Thursday May 16, 2013
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Print From Shell To Pdf

Tuesday May 14, 2013
comments: true date: 2013-05-14 layout: post slug: print-from-shell-to-pdf title: Print from shell to PDF teaser: How to print from shell to PDF categories: web tags: article pdf — lpr man -t 1 ls | lpr -P PDF lpr -P PDF filename Ressources http://www.techytalk.info/bash-shell-output-to-printer-or-pdf/ http://blog.nguyenvq.com/2011/04/13/lpr-printing-on-command-line/ http://terokarvinen.com/2011/print-pdf-from-command-line-cups-pdf-lpr-p-pdf

Raspberry Pi

Tuesday May 07, 2013
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TYPO3 Surf

Thursday May 02, 2013
TYPO3 Surf is a deployment tool based on Flow and suited for a wide variety of applications Presentations References http://forge.typo3.org/projects/package-typo3-surf git://git.typo3.org/Packages/TYPO3.Surf.git

Empty Vs Isset

Monday Apr 29, 2013
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Begining Of Contribution To Openstreetmap

Monday Apr 29, 2013
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chrome extensions I use

Saturday Apr 27, 2013
list of Chrome extensions I found useful for web development

Transversal installation of Chromelogger for PHP5

Friday Apr 26, 2013
Chromelogger it's a tool of console debugging. It gives You a possibility to make debug process fast and transparent, even on production server.

Magento installation on cheap hosting

Thursday Apr 18, 2013
Introduction Recently I’ve changed a hosting for one of Magento stores I’ve developed. Before it was installed on one of mine servers, but this server was some old. So the idea was to put current Magento store aside, to have a performant hosting with satisfied requirements for Magento. I’ve choosed...

TYPO3 forking

Saturday Apr 13, 2013
Lots of people forks TYPO3 today. Is it good or bad ?

Dynamic robots.txt implementation with PHP

Tuesday Apr 09, 2013
How to create dynamic robots.txt file for sites with multiple domains, with the aim to declare custom sitemaps, indexation rules etc.

TYPO3 BE profiling with XHProf profiling

Thursday Apr 04, 2013
The Problem Recenlty I had a performance problem related to use of some 3rd party extensions. As the tagert of the performance optimization was in the BE of TYPO3, existing profilers, available on TYPO3 repository were not useful, as they all oriented FE. Profiler choise xdebug zend_debugger apd xhprof apd...

NFS performance debug and optimization

Tuesday Mar 26, 2013
NFS performance debug & optimization Optimization performance of mounts made with Network Filesystem Server Debugging NFS mount for the best performance between Debian - Mint machines. Mount details and statistics each time would be provided. The Problem The transfert speed between our development server and my Linux Mint workstation is...

Blog migration to GitHub Pages

Sunday Mar 24, 2013
Migrated blog to Github Pages. It’s much better as I feel, as it’s has automatically versioning support, markdown syntax support natively, and it’s free :) As engine use Jekyll. For templating use Liquid. For syntax use Markdown. Found very handy converter to migrate Wordpress posts automatically : References Jekyll on...

Wordpress and admin interface optimization

Wednesday Dec 14, 2011
TYPO3 and Drupal proposes very complete solutions to manage admin interface personalization. With Wordpress You could do it too, just need to code some PHP a little bit. There is an article about it.

Web projects deployment with git

Saturday Dec 03, 2011
The sequence of commands I use now, probably, it’s possible to optimize more. Creating remote repository. Adding receive.denyCurrentBranch = ignore into the config to avoid remote rejections. First commit. Local checkout. Work. Commit. Remote hard reset / force checkout. It’s also possible to use bare repository, but in this case we...

Open source project power estimation formula

Tuesday Nov 29, 2011
Each open source project has a power, which will be represented in human ressources behind it. The quantity of project maintainers and theirs qualities could determine the success of the project. There are important elements, which plays a lot : Vertical axe of competences must be completed Total quantity of...

Additional reports - TYPO3 extension for complex system analysis

Saturday Nov 26, 2011
Sometimes we need to check the current status of our TYPO3 installation, especially, if we are speaking about huge projects, or about projects, which we need to maintain after somebody developed it and didn’t left You any documentation about how system was made and how custom extension were made. Here...

Send a whole directory by FTP recursively

Saturday Nov 26, 2011
Sometimes we could be in the situation, when we must use FTP in the shell. It’s extremely rare, but such situation could happen. So, recently, I had such situation, when I had a FTP access, which was available only from some dedicated server, and I had to move some folders...

MySQL runtime memory calculator

Friday Nov 25, 2011
During recent optimization of development and preproduction server, I had recall some MySQL optimization techniques, related to better cache configuration. There is always a dilemma : if You will give not enough memory, You will have the risk to have slow database server, which will not have enough place to...

Advanced Custom Fields - plugin, which adds custom fields functionality to Wordpress

Friday Nov 25, 2011
Recently, after huge number of lagre sites, made with such technologies as Drupal and TYPO3, I had to make specifications for a Wordpress site, where all posts would have some custom fields. Firstly, I was some sceptic about it, because Wordpress - is not Drupal, and there is no CCK...

Converting lots of files from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 with help of iconv

Friday Nov 25, 2011
On one of my projects, I needed to convert lots of files previously encoded in ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8. You could manage it with help of some text editors, or convert all files in one single script. This snippet will replace all files in ISO-8859-1 by it’s UTF-8 versions. for a...

Mounted devices read/write performance transfer measurement

Sunday Nov 20, 2011
Recently I needed to measure the speed of read/write performance of remote network disk, mounted with Samba. There is different possibilities to measure it, but the most real - it’s to read and write the data with dd, system utility, which is normally present on any Unix-like system. To write...

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