Hi, I’m Fedir RYKHTIK, Open Source Web Developer from Toulon, France.

I’m making sites with Open Source techologies, such as Drupal, TYPO3, Wordpress, CodeIgniter, Magento.

Full CV You will find on Linkedin and that’s my Twitter account.

That’s some articles I would like to share with You :

Switchable controller actions in TYPO3 Extbase

Wednesday Jan 22, 2014
When You devloping TYPO3 modules with Extbase, You could have a situation, when You have multiple variations of the same plugin, in this example, I will show how to Code First, You need to register the flexform to configure the plugin in back end. Second, You should add actions, which...

What is PHP about ?

Monday Jan 13, 2014
Intro Recently I’ve found the list of Rasmus Lerdorf’s quotes, which is absolutely confirmed my feeling about PHP. Rasmus Lerdorf It’s a guy, who made PHP. We could say, the initial idea of PHP comes from him. And even, if PHP seriously evolved over last years, we still could say,...

Gitlab projects management from shell

Monday Jan 06, 2014
If You would like to script Gitlab group and projects creation, users management, You could manage Gitlab and its projects from shell. For actual version of Gitab, I could recommend python-gitlab, which works flawessly with Gitlab API V3. Installation Clone the project from https://github.com/gpocentek/python-gitlab : git clone https://github.com/gpocentek/python-gitlab.git cd python-gitlab...

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