Advanced Custom Fields - plugin, which adds custom fields functionality to Wordpress

25 November 2011

Recently, after huge number of lagre sites, made with such technologies as Drupal and TYPO3, I had to make specifications for a Wordpress site, where all posts would have some custom fields. Firstly, I was some sceptic about it, because Wordpress - is not Drupal, and there is no CCK here, it’s much more simple.

Simple, but not some simple. After some search I’ve found a Wordpress plugin which calls Advanced Custom Fields. Quite flexible and functional, it gives full control to the user to add various types of fields to the post model, and even, the combination of custom fields could depend from different rules, as for example, the category of current post.

On database level it’s done very clear, and it’s possible quite simply to make custom modules and widgets for the site, which uses Advanced Custom Fields.

I could see what ideas, which Drupal successfully introduced into PHP world, were accepted by Wordpress community. It’s very positive fact.

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