Writing ReST documentation

25 August 2014


ReST - is quite powerfull markup system to generate techical documentation.

It’s a little bit more difficult to start to use the techology, so there are several tips to help You.


  • Use Your favorite editor : vim, gedit, eclipse, PhpStorm. There are plugins/modules, which will add You ReST syntax autocomplete / coloring.
  • Autobuild sources in the browser to get realtime preview of Your sources. There are several methods You could take a try with sphinx-autobuild, which manages Your browser refresh also


  • Wrinting a book with vim / Sphinx http://www.tompurl.com/2012/11/22/writing-a-book-with-vim-restructured-text-and-sphinx/
  • Sphinx basics http://sphinx-doc.org/tutorial.html
  • ReST/ Sphinx primer http://sphinx-doc.org/rest.html
  • ReST editor support http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2746692/restructuredtext-tool-support
  • Sphinx autobuilding http://jacobian.org/writing/auto-building-sphinx/
  • Sphinx autobuilding http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5522326/automatically-build-sphinx-documentation-when-a-source-file-changes
  • Sphinx autobuilding https://pypi.python.org/pypi/sphinx-autobuild

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