Things Management Systems

13 November 2013

Internet as it is

Internet is a system of interconnected objects.

Objects exchanges any kind information. Information could be interesting or not, nicely decorde or trashy, quite abstract or very precise, human-readable or system. There are lots of people, who works in this domain.

Sometimes, Information contains Things Data.


Long time ago we had Web-0.

Web-1 brought us static sites, and first CMS appeared.

Web-2 added some social aspect, connecting people behind screen in interconnected systems. Friends, followers, fans are massively appered.

Web-3 added some semanthic and augumented reality stuff.

And Web-4 …

Oups, what I’m speaking about. It’s still in private beta.


CMS it’s about to manage the Content.

TMS it’s about to manage Things.

With help of Things Management Systems, we could manage Things, as well, as we used to manage Content of our sites with CMS.

… to be continued, come back later…



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