git basics

12 November 2013

why we control the source code

So, version control system, when we need it ?

  • To help to remember, when and why You made some important modifications
  • To find files, which were modified on the server
  • To explain to other people the structure and function of Your code

Different version control systems

Historically different VCS were developed : CVS, Subversion (SVN), Git. As users the idea of VCS and usage experience were more and more developed, Subversion is more functional than CVS, and Git is more functional, than Subversion. We will concetrate on git, as it’s the most popular and interesting system.

Comparing git to its predecessors

Git is autonomous, You could use this system even on Your local computer, when You are offline. It has more stages, so project evolution could be more precise during it’s development workflow.

Workflow difference betwet git and svn

  • SVN
    • Workspace
    • Index
    • Repository
  • git
    • Stash
    • Workspace
    • Index
    • Local Repository
    • Upstream Repository

Git basic commands

git clone
git add
git commit
git pull
git push

Advanced commands

git merge
git rebase


  • git dynamic cheatsheet :

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