TYPO3 Fedext contribution cheat sheet

07 October 2013

Quick notes how to participate to TYPO3 Fedext development.

How to participate to TYPO3 Fedext project

  • Find a ticket, related to the work of make one
  • Fork the project on the github
  • Clone it locally
  • Make branch with ID related to the feature You are doing
  • Work locally
    • One change per commit - one commit per change
    • Use short subjects and prefix them correctly
      • [BUGFIX]
      • [TASK]
      • [FEATURE]
      • [DOC]
    • Respect TYPO3 coding guidelines
  • Push to github
  • Make pull request

Create, edit and push the branch to the origin

Fork update

Edit a commit message in already sent pull request


  • https://fedext.net/overview/contributing/contribution-guide.html
  • http://www.turnkeylinux.org/blog/git-fix-commits

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