Configuring mnoGoSearch for Your language

04 October 2013

Finding synonyms

Add synonym support, the file must be situated in /mngInstallPath/etc/synonym/ folder. All the configuratioin is made relatively to etc /mngInstallPath/etc/ folder or You could use absolute path.

Synonym <filename> 

Ispell / Aspell

  • mnoGoSearch uses ispell or aspell dictionaries and affix files
  • where to get ispell / aspell files :
  • configure languages

Syntax :

Affix [lang] [charset] [ispell affixes file name]
Spell [lang] [charset] [ispell dictionary filename]


Words to exclude from indexing.

StopwordFile {filename}

Syntax :

Dehyphenate yes


The result should be like this :

Synonym synonym/french-utf8.syn
Affix fr utf-8 ispell/francais-utf8.aff
Spell fr utf-8 ispell/francais-utf8.dico
StopwordFile stopwords/
Dehyphenate yes



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