Transversal installation of Chromelogger for PHP5

26 April 2013

The problem

Sometimes You need to debug. It could happen in production, staging, or development.

And sometimes You have no time to install and configure Zend Debugger, XDebug, or other advanced PHP5 debuggers.

And, probably, You don’t want to disturb other visitors of the website by Your debugging.

So in this case, it’s quite handy to use tools of console debugging, which sends data with the help of additional “invisible” data headers from the server to Your browser.


One of such tools calls Chromlogger, it’s an extension for Google Chrome browser. It’s supports lots of languages and platforms : PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, .NET, Coldfusion. In my case I’m interesting in PHP logging.

So, I will install ChromePHP class transverally on all vhost of my server.

First of all, we will identify include path and we will add ChromePHP there :

/opt/php5.3/bin/php -i | grep include_path
    include_path => .:/opt/php5.3/lib/php => .:/opt/php5.3/lib/php
cd /opt/php5.3/lib/php
mkdir includes 
cd includes 
cd .. 
chmod -R a+rx includes/

And now we will enable automatic prepending of ChromePHP library to every PHP script, which will be executed by PHP :

vim /opt/php5.3/php.ini
auto_prepend_file = /opt/php5.3/lib/php/includes/ChromePhp.php

It uses a little bit of ressources, so, if You would like to keep the performance, you could always make a condition by a GET variable or a COOKIE value.

So now, in any of Your scripts You could use ChromePHP to send the debugging data transparently without to disturb others visitors of the site:

ChromePhp::log('Hello console!');
ChromePhp::warn('invisible warning');



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