Send a whole directory by FTP recursively

26 November 2011

Sometimes we could be in the situation, when we must use FTP in the shell. It’s extremely rare, but such situation could happen. So, recently, I had such situation, when I had a FTP access, which was available only from some dedicated server, and I had to move some folders by FTP.

The difficult part here, is what with the help of standard ftp command, You couldn’t send / retrieve hierarchical folders. So I had to find the solution with other FTP clients.

The most simple way - it’s to use ncftp client. It works perfectly, easy to install, easy to use.

To send a folder to the remote server when You are connected :

put -R yourfolder

To retrieve a folder :

get -R yourfolder

You could use also use ncftpput and ncftpget shell utilities to batch more easily Your uploads / downloads.

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