Mounted devices read/write performance transfer measurement

20 November 2011

Recently I needed to measure the speed of read/write performance of remote network disk, mounted with Samba. There is different possibilities to measure it, but the most real - it’s to read and write the data with dd, system utility, which is normally present on any Unix-like system.

To write the data we will generate the output from /dev/zero :

dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/yourmount/test.img bs=8k count=32k

To read the data we will use generated file and we will send it to /dev/null :

dd if=/mnt/yourmount/test.img of=/dev/null bs=8k count=32k

  • This method You could also use for testing local disk drive performance, that’s why I especially appreciate it.

** You could test Your network bandwidth using this method.

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