Additional reports - TYPO3 extension for complex system analysis

26 November 2011

Sometimes we need to check the current status of our TYPO3 installation, especially, if we are speaking about huge projects, or about projects, which we need to maintain after somebody developed it and didn’t left You any documentation about how system was made and how custom extension were made.

Here You could use very nice extension, which was developed by Yohann Cerdan specially for such cases, for better system observation.

With the help of this extension You could get list of XCLASS’es and hooks, implemented in Your installation. You could get detailed information about all extensions installed and it’s difference between TER versions, if there are any modifications were made. You could get basic information about Your TYPO3 installation parameters, PHP settings and MySQL configuration.

Very useful extension, the must for any complex TYPO3 installation.

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