Install Popcorn Time on Linux / Mac from sources

31 May 2014

Popcorn Time - it’s a project, which combines traditional peer-to-peer exchange with a gallery and even player with integrated subtitles search.

It’s a NodeJS HTML5 open source application, and it’s interesting to analyze from technical point of view, to see, how it was build.

On the base of Popcorn Time other projects appears, as Fleex - service of language learning, where You could find a word definiton directly in the context of movie watching.

The best way of Popcorn Time installation - from sources, wo in this way You have no risk to get a malicious content inside, because there are lots of different packages already compiled You could find on different sites.


Install nodejs from

Run this command in the terminal

git clone
cd popcorn-app/
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli
npm install
grunt build

App is ready in the build/releases/Popcorn-Time/mac/


Easy way : use this script of automatic compilation from sources

Advanced method : same sequence as on Mac. If the distribution is recent, You could install nodejs package from official repository directly with Your package manager.

If during build grunt couldn’t find node, install nodejs-legacy

sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy

If You will have the problem with udev device You could check this ticket check

After building, Popcorn will be placed in the build/releases/Popcorn-Time/linux64/



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